For private or commercial applications.

It is designed to be installed with minimal or no structural modifications. The construction of a larger pit below the lift system is not necessary.

Only an 8 cm depth is needed. With a ramp, the lift can be installed directly on the ground. The platform lift does not require a machine room and is installed as a complete unit. The drive is mounted on the side.

 Opal platform lift outdoor at facade

Opal platform lift outdoor at facade

Technical details

Drive / Control Threaded spindle with 1.5 kW motor; Deadman's control
Power supply 230V / 16A
Travel speed 0.05 m / sek.
Platform Platforms: 914 x 1242, 914 x 1394, 1100 x 1546 mm
Load capacity 340 kg
Lifting height Max 3 meter
Pit depth 80 mm (max. 150 mm)
Call stations 2 pieces; surface-mounted and flush-mounted solutions
Safety Safety sensors under platform
Electromechanical door locking
Colour Covers: RAL 7047 Garaventa Silvermoon
Door frames / Drive: RAL 7047 Garaventa Silvermoon
Directive / Standards Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC / EN 81-40
Options Locking systems (Eurokey, etc.)
Acrylic glass covers for platform enclosure and door
90˚ entry / exit
RAL special color
Electric emergency lowering

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How does a vertical lift work?

Vertical lifts move vertically alongside the stairs, unlike stairlifts that travel along a rail system on the stairs. They resemble elevators, as seen on construction sites. These lifts feature a platform that is well-suited for wheelchair users or individuals with mobility aids. The user controls the lift themselves, retaining control throughout. Upon reaching the destination, the lift stops level with the landing, facilitating easy exit with or without a wheelchair.

Opal Outdoor Vertical Lift Bottom and Top

Opal outdoor vertical lift bottom and top

Opal indoor Vertical Lift, Ticino Canton

Opal indoor vertical lift, Ticino Canton

Where can a vertical platform lift be installed?

Vertical lifts are very flexible and can be installed indoors or outdoors, often without a shaft. Usually, only minor structural changes are necessary. Due to their compact size, they fit well next to terraces, balconies, or stairs, improving access. They are suitable, for example, for entrance areas with steps or gardens beneath terraces. Share your situation with us, and our staff will find the best solution for you.

Accessibility for everyone

A vertical lift features a platform and is used to vertically overcome small heights up to 3 meters. Garaventa Lift's vertical lifts are the ideal stairlift solution for wheelchair users and all individuals who have difficulty navigating different levels due to steps. The lifts are versatile and can be installed both indoors and outdoors without the need for a shaft.

Opal outdoor vertical lift in Baar, Zug Canton

Opal outdoor vertical lift in Baar, Zug Canton

Opal outdoor vertical lift for small heights

Opal outdoor vertical lift for small heights

How much does a vertical lift cost?

The cost of a vertical platform lift depends on many factors, such as the structural situation and individual requirements. Vertical lifts are often a more affordable alternative to platform lifts. For an accurate cost estimate, please contact us directly. We will assess your situation and provide you with a suitable price estimate.

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