Homelifts for indoor & outdoor spaces

A Garaventa Lift homelift can be considered during house planning but is also particularly suitable for retrofitting in existing properties.

No extensive house renovation measures are required; nor is the presence of a lift shaft necessary. Upon request, a shaft can be constructed on-site afterward, or you can opt for the version with a self-supporting metal-glass structure.

Flexible integration options

A homelift can be easily installed indoors or outdoors on the building, depending on the existing construction situation and the most suitable solution. We offer homelifts as fully equipped versions with closed cabins and impulse control, as well as simpler variants with half-height cabins and controls with continuous contact – the so-called dead-man's control.

What is a homelift?

A homelift, often referred to as a vertical lift or residential elevator, is an innovative solution that revolutionizes mobility and convenience within one's own home. Unlike conventional elevators primarily found in public or commercial buildings, the Homelift is specifically designed for residential use. It offers a practical alternative to stairs. Homelifts are characterized by their compact size, easy installation, and user-friendly operation. They can be integrated into both new constructions and existing buildings, significantly contributing to improving quality of life and independence. With a Homelift, the home becomes not only more accessible but also future-proof and more valuable.

Garaventa Lift Homelift explained

Garaventa Lift Homelift explained

Homelifts Explained

  • What are homelifts?
  • Where are homelifts used?
  • What are the advantages of homelifts compared to conventional elevators?

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What are the advantages of a homelift?

A homelift offers numerous advantages that make living more comfortable, secure, and accessible. Here are the key benefits:

  • Accessibility: Provides easy access to all floors of the house for individuals with limited mobility, seniors, and children.
  • Everyday convenience: Facilitates carrying heavy items such as groceries, laundry, or furniture between different floors.
  • Property value appreciation: A home with a homelift is often more appealing to potential buyers or renters, which can increase its market value.
  • Energy efficiency: Modern homelifts are often designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Space-saving: Compared to conventional elevators, homelifts require less space and can be easily integrated into existing or new buildings.
  • Safety: Provides a high level of safety and reliability, which is particularly important for families with children or elderly residents.
  • Aesthetics and design: Homelifts are available in various designs and finishes that seamlessly blend into the interior of the house.

Where are homelifts used?

Homelifts offer flexible installation options and can be installed in both new constructions and existing properties.

It's worth noting that our homelifts do not require a pre-existing lift shaft, which significantly simplifies installation. They offer the same comfort as a conventional lift and are ideal for retrofitting. Our homelifts are available with a self-supporting metal-glass structure suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The flexibility of our homelifts allows for seamless integration into the existing residential environment without the need for a pre-existing shaft.

Installation Situations

  • In a single-family home
  • In a multi-family building
  • In a villa
  • In public buildings
  • In hotels and restaurants
  • In medical facilities such as clinics
  • In private and public museums
  • For wheelchair-accessible entrances

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Homelift Genesis Typ B

Thanks to its flexibility in terms of size and design options, the Genesis Type B Homelift is an excellent choice for stores, restaurants, offices and public buildings as well as residential buildings.

  • Space-saving
  • Panorama lift shaft
  • Without machine room
  • No shaft pit required
  • Low overhead clearance
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Homelift Elvoron H

The wide range of accessories, doors, mirrors, and colors practically fulfills all customer desires. With the diverse possibilities and options, the Elvoron H can be customized into an individually adapted means of transport - simple and elegant.

  • Practically no renovation measures necessary
  • No pit or overhead required
  • Wide selection of colors and materials
  • Low maintenance costs
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Savaria Vuelift Mini

Thanks to its integrated shaft, the Vuelift Mini fits onto a wall, into a corner, in the center of an open living space, or into a spiral staircase. It occupies up to one square meter less space than a conventional residential elevator with just 1.25 meters in diameter.

  • Low headroom & pit
  • Continuous cabin configuration (2 doors)
  • Up to 6 stops for a maximum travel of 15.24 m
  • Max 226 kg
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Opal Vertical Platform Lift

Advantages of the Opal vertical platform lift

  • No or only minor structural modifications required
  • No pit necessary
  • Smart safety measures thanks to the so-called "dead man's control"
  • Easy operation
  • Installed within a short period of time
  • Low maintenance

Homelift installation examples

 Secure, Slip-Resistant Access in Visperterminen - Thanks to Platform Lift

Secure, Slip-Resistant Access in Visperterminen - Thanks to Platform Lift

The Altershilfe Hengert Foundation cares for and supports elderly and needy individuals in collaboration with the Altershilfe Association in Visperterminen. Access to the elderly care and nursing homes for visitors as well as the exit for residents is through interlocking paving stones.

 Homelift for Multi-Family House in Hilterfingen, Canton of Bern

Homelift for Multi-Family House in Hilterfingen, Canton of Bern

In the municipality of Hilterfingen (Canton of Bern), Garaventa Lift has successfully completed a new project for a multi-generational house. The facility is located outdoors and was built adjacent to the retaining wall next to the multi-family house.

While a homelift refers to a type of elevator, there are significant differences compared to a conventional passenger elevator found in multi-story office buildings or parking garages. A homelift is always designed according to the so-called machinery directive and must therefore meet different requirements than a passenger elevator. For example, one can mention the travel speed, which in the version for one's own home is only about 15 cm per second—elevators in public spaces are typically much faster.

With a solution from Garaventa Lift, you opt for a homelift that can also be installed indoors - and that with remarkably little effort. Thanks to the self-supporting construction, it is not necessary to already have an elevator shaft in place. You will receive this together with your new lift, and if you wish, it even comes in a panoramic version. Alternatively, a shaft can be built by the builder. A major advantage of our products in this area is their small footprint. We can realize an indoor homelift for you starting from just 1 square meter at a transparent price. However, please note that a different minimum size is required if the lift is to transport a wheelchair.

The solutions from Garaventa Lift are extremely flexible and can be implemented both inside the building and as an outdoor homelift. As described above, such variants are often also referred to as "outdoor elevator" or "outdoor lift." Typically, your new lift will be placed near the entrance door or even next to the balcony, and thanks to modern designs, it even adds to the aesthetics.

The cost of a homelift varies depending on the model, features, and specific installation requirements. Generally, prices are influenced by factors such as the size of the lift, its weight capacity, the number of floors it needs to serve, as well as additional functions and design elements. The type of installation, whether in a new construction or retrofitting an existing building, can also affect the costs. It's important to note that a homelift is a long-term investment in quality of life and accessibility. For an accurate cost estimate, it's recommended to seek individual consultation from a specialized provider who can consider the specific needs and circumstances of the home and provide a tailored solution.

The price of a Garaventa Lift maintenance contract depends on the type of product and the intensity of use of the system. Our customer service team will provide you with a tailored proposal for a maintenance contract based on your situation.

After the commissioning of a home lift system, the responsibility for carrying out the maintenance scope defined by the manufacturer is transferred to the owner. We recommend entrusting the maintenance to a specialized company. This ensures the regular and correct maintenance of your system in the long term.

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