Homelift Vuelift Mini

The panoramic glass elevator with integrated shaft.

An extraordinary homelift whose riding experience goes beyond comfort. Both the cabin and the shaft are equipped all around with high-quality acrylic or diamond glass, providing a clear view into the open spaces, making the ride a special experience. Due to its design, the Vuelift is suitable for many applications.

Reduced overhead

2440 mm from the floor level of the last floor is sufficient.

Pitless elevator

A pit of 76 mm or a ramp is sufficient.


With a footprint of 1.27 meters in diameter, it takes up to 0.9 square meters less space than a conventional elevator.

Everything's included

The Vuelift Mini comes with the shaft included, thus eliminating the need for on-site shaft construction and reducing space requirements.

 Vuelift Mini in the staircase of a villa

Vuelift Mini in the staircase of a villa

Technical specifications

Drive system Drum drive with integrated brake
Motor control Frequency converter
Motor power 1.85 kW
Load capacity 226 kg
Travel speed 0.15 m/s
Power supply 230 V / 50z / 16A
Operation Impulse
Lifting height 17.6 m
Number of stops max 6
Cabin entrances max 6
Access sides Single-sided or double-sided (1 entrance per landing)
Shaft headroom min 2440 mm
Floor-to-floor distance min 2375 mm
Ceiling height min 2236 mm
Shaft pit 80 mm or without with compensation ramp
Cabin diameter ø 1’000 mm
Cabin height 1970 mm
Control cabinet Width 500 mm Depth 800 mm Height 280 mm (maximum distance 25000 mm cable length)

Floor plan of Vuelift Mini

Bottom landing / Ceiling opening

When installed in a situation with one, two, or three-sided on-site enclosure, there are no minimum clearances to observe, but cleaning of the shaft exterior should be facilitated.

Pit ring to door edge min. 1912 mm

Pit ring to door edge min. 1912 mm

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Safety is standard

The Vuelift Mini meets or exceeds the requirements of ASME A17.1 / CSA B44 as well as local codes. Standard safety features include an emergency stop switch, safety brakes, a speed regulator, manual lowering, and an emergency battery backup for lighting and cabin lowering. This means you should never have to worry about most safety risks - even in the event of a power outage, your elevator will safely descend you.

 Motor Integrated in Shaft - Savaria Vuelift Mini

Motor Integrated in Shaft - Savaria Vuelift Mini

Savaria Vuelift Mini on the Upper Floor

Savaria Vuelift Mini on the Upper Floor

Enjoy the golden years at home

Enjoy a flexible lifestyle both today and in the future. Integrating the Vuelift Mini means more comfort, improved mobility, and options for aging in place, especially for those who may struggle with stairs. Whether you require mobility assistance or simply wish to avoid carrying bulky or heavy items up and down the stairs in your daily routine, the Vuelift Mini home elevator provides comfort and safety.

Level luxury on the next level

As a standalone solution with an integrated shaft, the Vuelift seamlessly integrates into existing architecture. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. With a Savaria home lift, you're investing in luxury and comfort for today while ensuring mobility and independence for the future.

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