The Elvoron H homelift

As a cost-effective alternative to the elevator

The wide range of accessories, doors, mirrors, and colors practically fulfills all customer desires. With the diverse possibilities and options, Garaventa Lift's homelifts can be customized into individually tailored means of transport - simple and elegant.

Reduced overhead

Min. 2150 mm with hinged doors / 2450 mm with telescopic sliding doors from the upper edge of the top landing level.

Pitless elevator

Pit / Recess -130 mm to -150 mm from the upper edge of the finished floor of the bottom landing level is sufficient.

Cabin size

Adjustable to fit the floor plan in length and width.

Access arrangement

One-sided, opposite, diagonal, or three-sided

 Elvoron H outdoor lift in Immensee

Elvoron H outdoor lift in Immensee, Canton of Schwyz

Technical specifications

Load capacity 250 kg - 500 kg
Travel speed 0.15 m/s
Lifting height max 14.5 m
Power supply 400 V
Number of stops max 8
Cabin entrances max 3
Same-side floor-to-floor distance min 2230 mm
Opposite-side floor-to-floor distance min 350 mm
Control system Impulse or constant pressure control
Door opening and closing Semi- or fully automated
Cabin height 2100 mm (min. 2000 mm - max. 2200 mm)
Door height 2000 mm (min. 1800 mm - max. 2100 mm)
Cabin width min 600 mm - max 1400 mm
Cabin depth min 600 mm - max 2000 mm
Door width min 500 mm - max 1000 mm
Control cabinet Width 770 mm / Depth 560 mm / Height 1650 mm
Shaft headroom min 2150 mm / 2450 mm (Telescopic sliding doors)
Pit depth min 130 mm
Emergency control Automatic user evacuation in case of power failure
Emergency call installation Integrated telephone with gateway via mobile network or automatically dialing and functionally monitored emergency call system

Space-saving Hydraulic Lift

As a hydraulic lift system, the Elvoron H does not require a pit or a machine room. Instead, the machine and control panel are installed either in the existing utility room of the building or in a separate machine cabinet away from the lift. This ensures that the distinctive appearance remains unaffected, and the lift operation is particularly quiet.

 Comparison between hydraulic lift system and roped elevator

Comparison between hydraulic lift system and roped elevator

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The customized lift solution

The Elvoron H lift can be easily integrated thanks to its small installation dimensions and modular system design. This lift can be installed with a modular shaft inside the building or outdoors, as well as in a lift shaft constructed on-site.

Elvoron H outdoor installation without an on-site shaft at a multi-family house

Elvoron H outdoor installation without an on-site shaft at a multi-family house

 Elvoron H indoors - Multi-family house

Elvoron H indoors - Multi-family house

Comfort, security, and added value for private homes 

For owners of private properties, comfort and future planning for aging are important criteria. By providing a customized lift solution tailored to the property's requirements, this desire can be fulfilled. The Elvoron H lift combines modern, elegant aesthetics, reliability, and low operating and maintenance costs.

Barrier-free access solution for all areas

Barrier-free construction is now a standard requirement. Especially in existing properties, retrofitting a lift can be difficult and costly. The Elvoron H lift can be easily integrated due to its compact installation dimensions. Thanks to minimal structural modifications, cost-effective lift solutions can be realized even in heritage-listed buildings.

 Outdoor view of Elvoron H barrier-free

Outdoor view of Elvoron H barrier-free

Elvoron H indoors - Single-family house

A versatile and intelligent lift concept

The special construction allows for countless configuration options. Compact installation dimensions without pit or overhead enable cost-effective integration with minimal on-site adjustments. The Elvoron H lift can be installed in an on-site or existing lift shaft, as well as delivered complete with a modular shaft in steel construction with laminated safety glass or metal panels.

Installation examples of Elvoron H

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