Platform lifts for indoor and outdoor use

We offer you various types of platform lifts so you can move comfortably and effortlessly - without expensive renovations.

The customized platform lifts can be easily retrofitted - whether indoors or outdoors, on straight or curved stairs. This makes the property easily accessible for everyone - even on steep slopes.

The optimal solution for straight and curved stairs

We offer you a platform lift for straight and curved stairs. Both versions are flexibly installable and take up little space thanks to the automatically folding platform. They fit wonderfully into the surroundings, allowing for use in private homes as well as public buildings. In particular, our stair lift for curved stairs is one of the narrowest platform lifts, making it ideal for very narrow stairs.

When is the use of a platform lift useful?

- For mobility restrictions
- For accessing sloped areas
- In multi-story buildings without elevators
- For elderly people with walking difficulties
- In public facilities for accessibility
- For temporary injuries or illnesses

Platform lift provides access to single-family home

Platform lift provides access to single-family home

How does an inclined platform lift work?

The lift is powered by a special cable drive system, with its motor installed at the upper end of the rail guide outside the staircase. This saves a lot of space, as the staircase remains largely clear and can be used freely by pedestrians. Operating through an external drive and a carriage unit pulled by a cable, similar to a cable car, allows for the realization of very long curved lift systems. And with direct connection to the power grid, the Artira is independent of battery power when in use.

The Artira platform lift is specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use and is also available with a rain cover and folding seat. Operation is very simple and is done by means of push buttons on the control unit on a spiral cable during the ride. From the call stations, the lift can also be summoned and sent away using push buttons, as well as opening or closing the platform.

What are the advantages of a platform lift?

A platform lift offers numerous advantages that make living more comfortable, safer, and more accessible. Here are the key benefits:

  • Enhanced accessibility: Enables people with disabilities or mobility limitations to move between floors more easily, particularly useful in public and private buildings.
  • Increased safety: Provides a low-risk alternative to climbing stairs, ideal for elderly or physically restricted individuals.
    User-friendly operation and comfort: Simple operation that promotes user independence.
  • Space-saving solution: Requires less space than traditional elevators and can be easily integrated into existing structures.
    Flexible adaptation: Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas and adaptable to individual needs.
  • Cost-effective: More affordable to purchase and operate compared to traditional elevators.
    Energy efficiency: Modern models are often energy-efficient, resulting in lower operating costs and environmentally friendly usage.
  • Compliance with regulations: Meets important accessibility standards in public buildings, which is required in many countries, including Switzerland.
  • Diverse design options: Available in various colors that harmoniously blend into the building architecture.

Platform lift indoors

Indoors, platform lifts are used to make public buildings or multi-family houses more comfortable, especially those without an elevator. Of course, you can also equip your single-family home with these lifts to move comfortably from floor to floor.

Platform lift in school
 Outdoor platform Lift connects multiple homes

Platform lift outdoors

Outdoors, platform lifts are used, for example, to provide access to houses on slopes and terraced settlements, but also to generally facilitate access to the building. Naturally, platform lifts for outdoor use are weather-resistant and robust. All platform lifts are easy to operate - simply by pressing a button.

Versatility in Design

Our platform lifts can be designed for curved and straight stairs with or without intermediate landings. They are suitable for multi-story buildings or long distances outdoors, with a variety of design configurations.

Garaventa Lift Platform Lift Options
 Accessibility SIA500 platform

Our lifts comply with the SIA 500 standard

The SIA 500 standard for barrier-free buildings defines how the postulate of equality is to be fulfilled in the field of building construction. The aim of this standard is to ensure independent access in the built environment for all people, especially those with mobility or sensory impairments, as well as for people carrying luggage, strollers, or bulky objects. The requirements for barrier-free access vary depending on the type and use of the building. Therefore, there is a division into three categories: publicly accessible buildings, buildings with apartments, and buildings with workplaces.

You can find more information about the SIA 500 standard here.

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Inclined platform lift artira outdoor

Our platform lift Artira defies extreme weather conditions. All components are delivered weather-resistant. For this reason, this stair lift is ideal for outdoor use and accessing sloping terrain.

  • Especially narrow staircases
  • Suitable for particularly long installations
  • Winding staircases
  • Staircases with intermediate landings
  • Straight staircases with parking turns
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Inclined platform lift artira indoor

The Artira inclined platform lift is used indoors, for example in multi-family buildings without an elevator or when buildings need to be made "barrier-free."

  • For straight and curved stairs
  • For narrow stairs and landings
  • Particularly space-saving design
  • Quiet, low-noise operation
  • Suitable for particularly long installations
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Inclined platform lift X3

The inclined platform lift X3 offers all the advantages of a modern stairlift and is the ideal and quick solution for overcoming straight stairs indoors and outdoors.

  • For straight stairs
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • Installed within a short time
  • Easy operation Wireless call stations (no wiring necessary)
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Installation examples inclined platform lifts

Platform lifts are available in various platform sizes. Therefore, the usability of standard lifts is given in most cases, making expensive custom solutions unnecessary. Even spiral staircases can usually be accommodated with our platform lifts. However, it is still recommended to conduct a site visit and a final assessment of the installation situation. Garaventa Lift offers this service free of charge. Contact our sales representatives for more information.

Models for straight stairs are in stock with us. These models can be easily adjusted to the appropriate length. This means that such platform lifts are available for delivery in a very short time. Platform lift models for curved stairs must be custom-made. After measurements are taken, these lifts are manufactured in our own factory. Typically, the delivery time for such lifts is 4 - 6 weeks.

The platform lift is a custom-made product designed specifically for your staircase. Therefore, the price varies depending on the model and number of floors. For price estimates, please contact our sales representatives. We also offer free on-site consultations.

Yes. Garaventa Lift is a Swiss company with its own production facilities. The design of the lift (drawings, dimensions) and project management are developed in Switzerland. The platform is manufactured in our own factory in Canada, and the piping is manufactured in our large factory in Milan. Therefore, we can assure you of Swiss quality along with a good price-performance ratio.

Platform stairlifts can be delivered with individual capacities of up to 300 kg depending on the course of the track. Contact our sales representatives so that we can work out a solution for you.

There are some platform lift models that we also offer for rent for a limited time if you prefer this option. Contact our sales representatives and inquire about platform lift rentals.

A platform stairlift is, as the name suggests, equipped with a platform. This platform can, if necessary, be used with a wheelchair, or the platform can be equipped with a folding seat so that the platform stairlift can also be used as a seated stairlift. A seated stairlift only has a seating option. A seated stairlift is often used for seniors who have difficulty climbing stairs. Discover seated stairlifts at our subsidiary here.

Platform lifts are equipped with flat access ramps on both sides, which allow for easy entry and exit with a wheelchair. Seated lifts can be rotated at the landing without the footrest rotating, ensuring safe and easy boarding and disembarking.

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