Platform lift X3 for straight stairs

For indoor and outdoor use

The X3 platform lift offers all the advantages of a modern stairlift and is the ideal and quick solution for overcoming straight stairs indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to its compact design, the platform lift can be installed on almost any staircase with sufficient free space in front of the bottom step. Additionally, from a staircase width of 1 meter, the platform can be equipped to accommodate all standard wheelchairs. Ramp flaps at the head end ensure easy access and provide secure rollback protection during the ride. When the lift is not in use, the platform can be conveniently folded up at the push of a button, saving space.


For indoor & outdoor

Drive / Control

Rack and pinion drive

Track inclination

10° to 45°

Load capacity

300 kg

Regulations / Standards

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN 81-41:2010

The X3 platform lift opens.

The X3 platform lift opens.

Technical details

Power supply 230V charger for 24V battery power supply (socket is sufficient)
Travel speed 0.07 m / sec.
Vehicle Platforms: 640 x 680, 700 x 750, 800 x 800, 800 x 900, 800 x 1050, 800 x 1220 mm 
Ramp flaps and safety barriers locked and electrically monitored 
Safety floor with optical light strips
Control For operation by a companion
Load capacity 300 kg
Track inclination 10° to 45°
Call stations 2 pieces wireless (radio call stations)
Colours Platform: RAL 7030 / 9002 stone gray / gray white
Rail: RAL 7047 Garaventa silvermoon
Directive / Standards Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC / EN 81-40

Folding seat for 1 person
Locking systems (Eurokey, etc.)
Side access ramp
Custom colors
Acrylic glass or laminated safety glass track coverings

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 X3 platform lift in the entrance area

X3 platform lift in the entrance area

How does the X3 platform lift work?

The platform of the X3 utilizes two specially made aluminum rails, which are either mounted on the wall or support posts. The upper rail contains a rack and pinion gear system, while the lower rail ensures additional lateral stability.

Platform lift installation

 Compared to a traditional stairlift, a platform lift has a higher load capacity. Nevertheless, such a system can be quickly installed with little effort. The attachment points are precisely determined by our specialists in advance. Structural modifications are generally not necessary. The lift installation is fast and is carried out reliably and cleanly by Garaventa Lift's own technicians.

A service technician is servicing an X3 platform lift

A service technician is servicing an X3 platform lift

 X3 platform lift compliant with monument protection

X3 platform lift compliant with monument protection

In line with monument protection

The design flexibility of the X3 platform lift allows for tailored integration even into protected buildings without the need for significant structural alterations. Thanks to the wide range of available colors and finishes, the X3 seamlessly blends into its surroundings and helps preserve the historic appearance of the building.

Installation examples platform lift X3

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