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Protect your mobility and ensure the longevity of your lift

Even the best platform or stairlift doesn't last forever. Despite careful operation, renewal becomes necessary at some point. With a renovation, we bring your lift up to date. This extends its lifespan and reduces maintenance costs. At the same time, you gain the assurance that your stairlift complies with current standards and will run reliably for a long time.

What are the benefits of modernization?

Modernization offers numerous advantages that make living more comfortable, safer, and more accessible. Here are the key benefits:

  • Sustainability: Long-term investment in the operational readiness of the installation.
  • Reliability: Improved availability of the installation by updating it to the latest technology.
  • Preservation of Value: Ensuring future availability of spare parts and support.
  • Safety: Additional protective elements in compliance with current standards and guidelines.
  • Cost: No additional costs for structural adjustments.
  • Comfort: Smooth ride experience and reduction of noise emissions.
  • Redefined Needs: Optimization of platform size, payload, and space conditions.

What gets modernized?

Functional components


Motor system


Call stations

Rope system

Rail Sections

Before & after comparison

Indoor platform lifts

By modernizing our platform lift and equipping it with arms, we increase safety for the user and bystanders in the stairwell. With new control elements, we make operation more ergonomic and less prone to errors.

platform lift inside modernized
 Modernization of Outdoor Platform Lift

Before & after comparison

Outdoor platform lifts

Due to wear and tear on our platform lift, we underwent a modernization process that replaced worn parts and technologically upgraded the platform, including new safety arms and intuitive control switches.

Before & after comparison

Outdoor platform lifts

To comply with the SIA 500 standard for barrier-free construction, we increased the load capacity of our platform lift from 250 kg to 300 kg. This enhancement allows for the safe and efficient handling of heavier loads and expands the range of applications. Also, note the enlarged platform size, which is visible in the updated images.

Modernization of Box Platform Lift
  •  Your contacts for modernizations

    Your contacts for modernizations

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