Artira platform lift | outdoor

For convenient outdoor access

Inclined platform lifts are used outdoors to access apartments and houses on sloping terrain. People, luggage, and goods can reach their destination effortlessly.

The Artira offers all the advantages of a modern lift and is the ideal and quick solution for accessing curved as well as straight stairs outdoors. It is cost-effective and low maintenance. Battery operation is deliberately avoided, as reliability is our top priority.

Drive / Control

Tube - Rope System with Stationary Drive

Maximum length

50 meters

Track inclination

0˚ to 68˚

Load capacity

250 kg bis 300 kg

Regulations / Standards

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN 81-41:2010

 Inclined platform lift connects multi-family house outdoor area

Inclined platform lift connects multi-family house outdoor area

Technical details

Application For curved stairs indoors and outdoors
Installation On the steps, against the wall, or into the stairwell
Load capacity 250 kg - 300 kg
Travel speed 0.10 / 0.15 m/sec.
Power supply 230 V / 16 A
Motor power 0.95 / 1.5 / 2.2 kW
Vehicle Platforms: 640 x 680, 700 x 750, 800 x 800, 800 x 900, 800 x 1050, 800 x 1220 mm Ramp flaps and safety barriers locked and electrically monitored
Safety floor with optical light strips
Track inclination 0˚ to 68˚
Control It can be stopped at any point by pressing a button on the vehicle or on the call and send buttons on the floors; Smart-Lite technology shows the user which button to press next.
Safety Devices Locked safety barriers, monitored access ramps, safety floor, and safety strips, as well as
Directive / Standards Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC / EN 81-40

Elegant, space-saving, and easy operation

The sleek and elegant design of the Artira platform lift sets standards. Unobtrusive and extremely space-saving, the platform lift appears in the parked position. It unfolds fully automatically, moves smoothly, and very quietly. Operation is brilliantly simple. Whether you call the stairlift, send it away, or whether you want to open or close the platform, simply press the button that lights up.

Platform lift enables accessibility in the stadium

Platform lift enables accessibility in the stadium

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Weather-resistant platform lift

Our Artira platform lift defies extreme weather conditions. All components are delivered weather-resistant. For this reason, this stairlift is ideal for outdoor use and accessing sloping terrain.

Artira on Corvatsch - Weather-resistant
Garaventa Lift platform lift with seat

Platform lift with seat

As an option, the platform lift can be equipped with a folding seat, allowing you to comfortably reach your destination while seated.

Installation examples of Artira platform lift

 Secure, Slip-Resistant Access in Visperterminen - Thanks to Platform Lift

Secure, Slip-Resistant Access in Visperterminen - Thanks to Platform Lift

The Altershilfe Hengert Foundation cares for and supports elderly and needy individuals in collaboration with the Altershilfe Association in Visperterminen. Access to the elderly care and nursing homes for visitors as well as the exit for residents is through interlocking paving stones.

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