Simple and timeless homelift

The Genesis Type B homelift is a comprehensive lift concept that can be easily integrated into new and existing buildings without major construction work.

Furthermore, the timeless design seamlessly blends into most architectural styles thanks to our wide range of color and material options.

Reduced overhead

2050mm from the floor level of the last floor is sufficient.

Pitless elevator

A pit of 50 mm or an access ramp is sufficient.

Individual design

Thanks to its diverse design options, the Genesis Type B fits perfectly into your environment.

Environmentally friendly

95% of the materials are made from recyclable resources.

 Homelift on the exterior facade of a multi-family house in Küssnacht am Rigi

Homelift on the exterior facade of a multi-family house in Küssnacht am Rigi.

Technical specifications

Load capacity 300 kg / 400 kg / 500 kg
Travel speed 0.15 m/s
Lifting height max 15 m
Distance between stops min 100 mm (opposite or 90°)
Number of stops max 6
Access sides Arrangement possible on one side, opposite, and diagonally
Overhead min 2250 mm (2050 mm as an option); 1100 mm with gate
Pit depth 50 mm or without with ramp + pit depth
Drive system Spindle drive with safety nut
Energy label A (Type EcoSilent)
Power supply 230 VAC or 400 VAC
Operation Press button once (pulse) / On platform: Continuous contact (deadman)
Control system Microcomputer-based system integrated into the shaft
Regulations / Standards CE type-approved, SR 819.14 Machinery Ordinance, Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN 81-41:2010 and EN 81-20:2014, Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3)

Space-saving lift solution

The Genesis Type B is a compact spindle drive lift that operates without pit or overhead requirements and does not need a separate machine room, making it a space-saving alternative to conventional elevators.

Genesis Type B Homelift comparison

Genesis Type B Homelift comparison to traditional elevators

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Enhanced quality of life for your home

A lift not only simplifies your everyday tasks but also opens up your home to everyone regardless of their age and physical abilities. Moreover, a lift makes your home future-proof for your golden years while simultaneously increasing the value of your property.

Homelift for enhanced quality of life
Lift shaft Genesis Typ B

A versatile and intelligent lift concept

One of the major advantages of our homelifts is their efficient use of space. Due to the modular design of the Genesis Type B, installation time is significantly reduced. Additionally, all the technology is integrated directly into the lift shaft and requires no pit or overhead clearance. Thus, this homelift is perfectly suited for both new installations and retrofit projects.

Modern lift design

Glass conveys timeless elegance and architectural lightness. The Genesis Type B lift shaft is available with glass panels on all four sides, allowing you to maximize natural light and enjoy the beautiful views in your home.

Genesis Type B lift shaft from the inside
Homlift Optionen Genesis typ B

Versatile Options

With a myriad of natural materials and over 300 RAL and premium colors available, you can tailor your lift to match your personal taste. Every home is unique - how would you design your own elevator? Explore the full range of options here.

Explore the full range of design options here

Installation examples of Genesis Type B

The required space for a lift varies depending on the model and size. Just 1 square meter is sufficient to install our most compact model, which takes up little more space than a wardrobe.

If you have just enough space for a wardrobe, it is indeed possible to integrate a lift into your house. While it may seem unlikely, for our smallest lift, which occupies an area of just 600×830 mm, this is actually achievable. Many residents of smaller homes with limited space often mistakenly assume that there is no room for a lift, although that is usually not the case.

Garaventa Lift's space-saving platform lifts can be installed even in tight areas, such as a staircase. Unlike traditional elevators, our models do not require a separate machine room and can be installed without a shaft. On the top floor, only a room height of 2300 mm is needed for a full-size door. The smart and space-efficient design of our lifts allows for installation in your house without the need for major renovations.

If there is no space inside your house or no suitable location can be found, there is also the option of mounting the lift on the exterior facade. Such an outdoor lift not only provides convenient access to your garden but also connects the living area inside the house with the outdoor area. Garaventa Lift's outdoor lifts are robustly constructed and withstand harsh weather conditions such as snow and rain.

With a solution from Garaventa Lift, you are opting for a homelift that can also be installed indoors - and that with surprisingly little effort. Thanks to its self-supporting construction, it is not necessary to already have an elevator shaft in place. You will receive this together with your new lift, and if you wish, it even comes in a panoramic version. Alternatively, a shaft can be built by the builder. A major advantage of our products in this area is their small footprint. You can realize an indoor homelift with just 1 square meter of space. However, please note that a different minimum size is required if the lift is to transport a wheelchair.

Of course! Garaventa Lift solutions are extremely flexible and can be implemented both inside the building and as an outdoor homelift at fair prices. As described above, such variants are often also referred to as "outdoor elevator" or "outdoor lift". Typically, your new lift will then be placed near the entrance door or even next to the balcony and, thanks to modern design, will make a real statement! Experienced employees from our company take care of the installation with the utmost care and put your new homelift into operation.

Generally, a homelift can be realized in different dimensions. At Garaventa Lift, we ensure that your new elevator fits ideally into your individual living situation. Of course, certain structural requirements must be taken into account. In this context, we deliver lifts according to DIN EN 81-41. This standard covers all relevant conditions for vertical platform lifts for people with limited mobility. To always be on the safe side, the experienced project managers at Garaventa Lift take care of the project planning and thus enable tailored solutions with individual adjustments according to your taste.

No, a homelift always requires a shaft. However, this shaft can also be constructed on-site. It can be built by masonry or with a framework support. In this case, only a load-bearing wall for the drive side is needed. Even if you opt for a self-supporting steel shaft provided by the manufacturer, which is built on a post-and-beam structure, it still needs to be anchored to the building.

The question of the price for a homelift cannot be answered in a blanket manner. There are several questions that need to be clarified beforehand, which are important factors in determining the price. These include:

  • What are the structural conditions inside or outside the building?
  • What specific requirements does the user have for the equipment of the homelift?
  • What technical capabilities should the lift have?
  • What personal preferences are there regarding the design?

The uniqueness of a homelift means that costs are difficult to predict due to numerous variables. To receive a detailed cost estimate, we recommend contacting us directly. At Garaventa Lift, you can rely on professional and transparent advice, providing you with a solution tailored to your needs, meeting the latest safety standards.

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