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The seat with integrated drive unit is supplied as a used component. The guide tubes are new. If you would like to learn more about these used offers, please contact our sales team for used stairlifts.

Inquire by phone: 041 854 78 80

Benefits of used stairlifts:

  • Cost-efficient: Used stairlifts allow for savings compared to new models.
  • Sustainability: Purchasing used stairlifts is more environmentally friendly since no new production is required.

Disadvantages and Risks:

  • Individual customization: Rails often need to be newly fabricated, especially for curved stairs, resulting in additional costs.
  • Limited selection: Special requirements such as color or material may be difficult to fulfill with used models.
  • Risk of wear and tear: Used stairlifts may exhibit signs of wear and tear, so a thorough inspection before purchase is important.

Even if you opt for a used stairlift, you will fully benefit from the services of the Swiss market leader in customer service. We have the largest customer service in the industry.

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