New Garaventa Homelift in Reinach increases the accessibility of MFHs

Garaventa Liftech AG has installed a modern home lift for an apartment building in Reinach, Canton Basel-Landschaft. This elevator extends over three floors - from the first floor via the second floor to the second floor - and has a lifting height of 6.53 meters.

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Garaventa Homelift in Reinach Canton Basel Landschaft

The lift offers equal-sided access with one access per floor and is installed in a wooden shaft provided by the customer. The small shaft pit of just 150 mm makes installation easier and saves space. This installation is carried out in close cooperation with Wacker Holzbau GmbH to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Homelift installation in Reinach, Canton Basel-Landschaft

Installation context

The Elvoron H home lift is installed in a specially constructed wooden shaft that provides a seamless connection across three floors: First floor, second floor and second floor.


Technical specifications

Product overview

The Elvoron H is a cabin elevator that meets the strict requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and SN EN 81-41. This elevator is equipped with a hydraulic indirect drive system that ensures smooth and reliable operation.


Main features

  • Rated power: 2.2 kW

  • Power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz

  • Payload: 400 kg (up to 5 persons)

  • Rated speed: 0.15 m/s

  • Travel time for lifting height: 44 seconds

  • Lifting height: 6.53 meters

  • Stops: 3

  • Accesses: 3, on the same side

Cab dimensions

  • Width (PC): 1000 mm

  • Depth (LC): 1350 mm

  • Height (H): 2100 mm

  • Clear door dimensions width (L): 800 mm

  • Clear door dimensions height (H): 2000 mm

Control and safety features

  • Control system: Cabin impulse and landing call impulse

  • Door system: Automatic, side-opening, two-part sliding doors

  • Safety: Equipped with light curtain and integrated emergency call system

Garaventa Lift Homelift measurements

Shaft dimensions

  • Clear shaft width (PV): 1380 mm
  • Clear shaft depth (LV): 1680 mm
  • Shaft head height: minimum height 2500 mm, available 2600 mm
  • Shaft pit: 150 mm below the lowest retaining level

Homelift Elvoron H

The wide range of accessories, doors, mirrors, and colors practically fulfills all customer desires. With the diverse possibilities and options, the Elvoron H can be customized into an individually adapted means of transport - simple and elegant.

  • Practically no renovation measures necessary
  • No pit or overhead required
  • Wide selection of colors and materials
  • Low maintenance costs
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Cooperation with

Garaventa Liftech AG

Garaventa Liftech AG, based in Küssnacht am Rigi, Switzerland, is known for its high-quality vertical mobility solutions. The company implements the highest standards in the planning and installation of elevators in order to make every installation successful and efficient.

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Installation and schedule

Installation process

Upon receipt of the signed contract, Garaventa Liftech AG begins the detailed planning phase and prepares precise installation plans specifically tailored to the requirements of the building and elevator shaft.

After the installation

Garaventa Liftech AG offers comprehensive maintenance and support services to ensure the long-term reliability and safety of the home lift in Reinach. Regular inspections and maintenance are part of the package and provide peace of mind for the building's residents.

Emergency evacuation system

The Elvoron H home lift is equipped with an advanced emergency evacuation system that enables automatic descent to the lowest floor in the event of a power failure, ensuring the safety of passengers at all times.


The installation of the Elvoron H home lift in Reinach, Canton Basel-Landschaft, marks another milestone in Garaventa Liftech AG's commitment to improved accessibility and mobility. Through careful planning, advanced technology and close collaboration, this project promises a reliable and efficient elevator solution that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

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