How to retrofit a lift into your home & office space

Learn how to retrofit a home lift to make your building in Switzerland more accessible and comfortable. Our solutions are ideal for residential, office, and historic buildings.

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Retro fit a homelift

This article provides comprehensive information on retrofitting a lift, covering suitable building types and technical and legal requirements.

What Does "Retrofit a Lift" Mean?

Retrofitting a lift means installing an elevator in an already existing building. This can improve access, especially in buildings lacking accessibility. Retrofitting a lift enhances comfort for residents and increases property value.

Advantages of Retrofitting a Lift

A lift makes access easier for people with disabilities and the elderly, provides added comfort for all residents, especially in multi-story buildings, and increases property value. Modern lift retrofit solutions are flexible and require minimal structural changes.

Types of Buildings Suitable for Lift Retrofitting

In residential buildings, a lift retrofit enhances comfort and safety. In office buildings, a lift improves accessibility and efficiency. Lifts can also be retrofitted in historic buildings without affecting the historical structure. Schools and public buildings also benefit significantly from retrofitted lifts, improving overall accessibility.

Technische Anforderungen und Lösungen Technical Requirements and Solutions

Garaventa Liftech offers flexible solutions for various building types. Our home lifts, such as the Genesis Type B, Elvoron H, and Vuelift Mini, are ideal for retrofitting. These lifts do not require an existing elevator shaft, simplifying the installation process. Alternatively, a self-supporting metal and glass shaft can be used.

Flexible Integration Options

A home lift can be installed either inside or outside a building. Garaventa Liftech offers models that adapt to the existing building structure. Our home lifts are available in fully equipped versions with enclosed cabins and impulse control, as well as simpler versions with half-height cabins and constant-pressure controls – known as dead man's controls.

What is a Home Lift?

A homelift, also known as a vertical lift or private elevator, is an innovative solution that enhances mobility and comfort within a home. Unlike traditional elevators found in public or commercial buildings, homelifts are designed specifically for residential use. They offer a practical alternative to stairs and are characterized by their compact size, easy installation, and user-friendly operation. Home lifts can be integrated into new constructions or existing buildings, significantly improving quality of life and independence. Installing a home lift makes a home more accessible, future-proof, and valuable.

Our lift solutions

Benefits of a Homelift

A home lift offers numerous benefits, making living more comfortable, safer, and accessible. It allows individuals with limited mobility, seniors, and children easy access to all floors of the house. A home lift facilitates the transport of heavy items like groceries, laundry, or furniture between floors. Additionally, a home lift increases the property's value, is energy-efficient, and requires less space than traditional elevators. Our home lifts provide high levels of safety and reliability and are available in various designs to seamlessly fit into the home's interior.

Flexible Installation Scenarios

A homelift can be installed flexibly in various building types, including single-family homes, multi-family homes, villas, public buildings, hotels, and hospitality businesses, as well as medical facilities such as clinics. Our home lifts are ideal for barrier-free access for wheelchair users and can also be installed in private and public museums. Notably, our home lifts do not require a construction shaft, significantly simplifying the installation process. They offer the same comfort as a traditional lift and are perfect for retrofitting.

Garaventa Liftech: Your Experts in Lift Retrofitting

At Garaventa Liftech, experienced sales consultants are available to help you choose the right lift for your needs. Whether you need a home lift for your private residence or a larger solution for a public building, we provide customized solutions and comprehensive advice. Our experts guide you through the entire process, from planning to installation and maintenance.

Contact and Consultation

Want to learn more about our home lifts? Schedule a free on-site consultation with one of our Garaventa Liftech experts. Take the opportunity to discuss all your questions – from basic options to financing. Our sales consultants are available in various regions of Switzerland to assist you personally.

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    Meet our sales team

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